General Instructions to be acknowledged



                       1. Only Hindus can apply.

                      2. Should abide by the rules, customs and other conditions of the temple on the days invited when the application accepted after scrutiny.

                       3. Should undertake to render service with pious and devotion, selflessly with devotious.

                       4. No emolument or privilege or Certification will be awarded.

                       5. After submitting the signed or online submission of the application it is construed that the applicant has undertaken to abide by all the rules and regulation of the temple.

                       6. No misuse of ID Card or any communication from the service of the Volunteer.

                       7. State wheather insterested in attending services as a group with known persons.

                       8. No separate groups or organisations or its members will be allowed to serve in the temple with their identity.

                       9. Though the temple administration will takecare of refreshment and stay, the applicants are expected to make their own arrangements on any unforseen circumstance.

                     10. After scotening and application will be accepted.

                     11. Rights of application are reserved.